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To-Do lists are powerful. They not only remind us of all the things we need to get done, but they make us feel effective and good about ourselves whenever we can cross something off of our to-do list. But sometimes, to-do lists can seem overwhelming, especially when we’re not checking things off of it. How can we make to-do lists more doable? By creating mini to-do lists!

The goal of a mini to-do list is to help turn mundane tasks into something more tangible, and something you can easily cross off, while slowly building up in difficulty. You want to have that sense of accomplishment of checking something off, and use that feeling to motivate you to continue checking things off. According to Lifehacker, to get started, here are some manageable ideas for you to have on your mini to-do list:

Instead of writing “make bed” write “get out from under covers, get out of bed, straighten pillows” and go step by step.

Instead of writing “send emails” write “open laptop, log into email, hit ‘reply’, draft email outline, write subject line, etc…”

Instead of writing “workout,” write “pick out exercise clothes, decide on type of workout, listen to pump-up song, lace shoes, fill water bottle…”

Source: Lifehacker

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