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A new study from “ECMC group” has found that Gen Z is straying from the traditional education path and a traditional career path. For example:

As of January 2022, only 51% of Gen Z teens are interested in a four-year degree

This is down 71% from May 2020

There was a 6.6% decline in undergrad enrollment from fall 2019 – fall 2021

Another study showed that 56% of Gen Z teens think that a skills-based education makes more sense in today’s world than a traditional job. “Gen Z seems to have more in common with their grandparents,” says Juliana Stancampiano, CEO of consulting firm Oxygen. “Who were more focused on technical skills that allowed them stable careers in trades, and less in common with their parents’ generation, who had low-cost access to four-year degrees and general education programs.”

Why? Nearly 60% of Gen Zs say they don’t think their job will exist in the same form in 20 years. This understanding of the rapid change of technology… is inherent in the Gen Z mindset,” Stancampiano adds.
“They must continue to learn or their skills will become obsolete.”

Source: YR Media

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