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It’s summertime, and the city of Charlotte is hoping to connect communities more this Summer with a new program. According to WCNC, Mecklenburg County is planning to expand their Open Streets 704 program. The new program would allow for more neighborhood-oriented, car-free street events.

Charlotte is getting bigger and bigger, and that means there is more traffic, even on residential roads now. The hope of “Play Streets 704” is that it would make it easier for neighborhoods to close off a block or two to cars, and leave them open for people to play.

Think essentially a “pop up park” as the idea. Many families don’t have easy access to parks in their immediate neighborhoods in Charlotte, so this would work to combat that.

You can follow more about the Open Streets 704 program on their Instagram page!


Yes, we can all get annoyed if a road we need to go down is closed, but I think this is a great idea. Getting out in the community is something we’ve not been able to do for the past two years, so I think making an active effort to connect with our neighbors in this way would be great!


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