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Grilling season is upon us!

Over Memorial Day weekend, we like many people fired up the grill an made burgers. My boyfriend mentioned he’s always nervous to make burgers on the grill for his family. He said part of the reason, is because he doesn’t know what kind of meat to buy that would be best.

Looks like now we have an answer! interviews Paul Vaccari, the owner of New York City’s Piccinini Brothers, which sells meat to restaurants and got down to the bottom of what makes the best burger. Vaccari says the most popular mixture for hamburgers that restaurants buy is 80/20 ground chuck.

People who opt for a 90/10 mix of ground chuck might get a drier burger. On the other end, Vaccari notes the 70/30 ratio can be a bit more flavorful, but creates a “sloppier and messier burger.” 

So there you have it, if you’re trying to please the entire cookout, it seems like you should be buying up the 80/20 mix of ground chuck!

How do you like your hamburger?