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We all know the housing market right now is wild. We’re hearing of insane stories of people offering way over asking price, and doing just about anything they can to get into a home.

One Charlotte realtor, @maceon.mccracken on Tik Tok, shared her frustrating experience with one of her clients who desperately wants to secure a home in Plaza Midwood. The video has now gone viral on Tik Tok.

The realtor explains that her client offered $85,000 over asking price on a home in Plaza Midwood that already had some issues. She explains that the listing agent told her that her and her client weren’t even close to getting the house, based on other offers. $85,000 over asking price, and not even close?! That is insane! The viral video has accumulated over a million views in a few weeks.


Now we have an update. @maceon.mccracken just shared an update now that the home has officially closed, and she is able to see all the details on what the home sold for. Turns out, someone bought the house for $740,000. Over $150,000 over the original asking price of $585,000!

I actually used to pass this house every single day on my walks during COVID, and I must admit, it is one of my favorite houses on The Plaza. With that being said, looking at the details of the house, it’s only 1,784 square feet, and only has one bathroom!

Here’s a look at the house:



Yeah, I’m just gonna hang tight and sit pretty where I’m at until this housing market calms down!