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Gone are the big fancy weddings that cost thousands of dollars if a new poll is to be believed. Circular economy platform Gumtree took a poll and it turns out the economy and fighting climate change are making pre-loved items the trend.

According to SWNS Digital, over 350-thousand weddings are planned for this year and Gumtree’s Hannah Rouch says“I’d encourage anyone with an upcoming wedding to immerse themselves in second-hand sites as an easy way to find inspiration and some pre-loved alternatives.”

Here are some of the stats from their poll:

  • 20-percent of soon-to-be brides plan to wear a second-hand gown
  • 24-percent will rent gowns and suits
  • 24-percent will use pre-loved centerpieces
  • Pre-owned jewelry will be used by 16-percent
  • 41-percent of bridesmaids and 52-percent of groomsmen will use second-hand clothes

Other trends are ditching wedding planners, making their decorations, and having a friend be the photographer.

Source: SWNS Digital

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