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Well, nothing quite says awkward like being naked at your brother’s bachelor party. Especially if you got naked before you every even noticed the “groom” was your brother. That is what happened to on woman, according to the New York Post.

A stripper known only as Kendra has gone seriously viral with a TikTok that says she was booked for her brother’s bachelor party without realizing it. The caption for the video, which has over 10 million views so far, says “I ended up being the stripper at my brother’s bachelor party and I didn’t realize it until I was completely nak3d.”

Kendra didn’t say where this happened, only that it was “in the South,” and a lot of commenters are saying she’s making the story up, with one saying, “I would’ve noticed all my brother’s friends and most definitely my brother.” Others are commenting that strip clubs are extremely dark, and she might not have been able to see who she was dancing for at first.

Source: New York Post

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