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Charlotte definitely has a lot of ice cream shops already, but the newest one that is set to open in the Queen City is creating quite the buzz.

Urban Sweets is a true pandemic success story. They started in August of 2021, and have been out at various Charlotte events and festivals since. Now, they are opening a new brick and mortar location in South End.

The ice cream shop will be located at 222 West Blvd. They menu will consist of common favorites like ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes, and chocolates. On top of that, they will also offer something I’ve never seen before; a subscription service. You can get 4 pints of ice cream delivered to your home monthly, for a year. The yearly subscription costs $300.

What a brilliant idea! Just as you’re running out of ice cream for the month, there’s another package on your doorstep. Now as much as I love ice cream, 4 pints a month might be a bit much for me, but I think this would be perfect for family households!

Turns out, this isn’t the only ice cream shop that is opening soon in Charlotte. Cold Hearted Gelato will soon be taking over the location of the Plaza Midwood Rita’s Italian Ice, and Seemingly Overzealous, will be opening soon in Camp North End.

If we keep having 90 degree days like this, I have no problem with there being plenty of ice cream options in Charlotte.