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(Photo by ESA 2010 MPS for OSIRIS Team via Getty Images)

Astronomers say a “meteor storm” over North America next week could produce up to a thousand shooting stars per hour for Charlotte.

According to  Space, the Tau Herculids will light up the northern sky Monday and Tuesday, when the Earth passes through a thick cluster of space rocks created by a disintegrating comet. Astronomers warn, however, that the light show could be a dud.

If the comet debris is racing through the sky fast enough, it’ll create a dramatic meteor display, but if it slows down, the light will be faint. There will be no moon over Charlotte Monday night, which will make it a perfect night to see shooting stars.

You could also try and listen to it on the radio! It’s a science intense explanation, but the meteors reflect radio waves. The best bet to hear them is to scan 91.1 or lower on the FM dial. If there’s no radio station – just listen!