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When the groom tested positive for COVID, one couple did the next best thing – swapping the real deal with a cardboard cutout. After rescheduling their wedding several times because of the pandemic, Amanda and Sam Greenberg were really looking forward to celebrating their union with loved ones on April 30th. And the date was extra special to the bride because it was the day her parents married 43 years earlier.

The Greenbergs were legally wed in a small backyard ceremony on January 31, 2021, after their nuptials were postponed a few times. But after Sam tested positive with COVID just days before their big celebration last month, Amanda really wanted to follow through with that date in honor of her mom, who passed away five years ago. “I appreciate Sam for understanding that because my mom was a bride on that day, I wanted to be one too,” she explains.

So rather than cancel their reception, the couple decided the party must go on, just without the actual groom there. While the groom stayed home to get better, the bride brought him along … in cardboard cutout form. She says guests had a lot of fun dancing and posing with “Flat Sam” and the actual Sam even made a surprise cameo on screen in the ballroom. He says while he missed being there in person, he’s glad Amanda made the best of the bad situation, adding, “Plus, we still have the rest of our lives to celebrate together.”

Source: Insider