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A Virginia family reunites with their long-lost relative after finding him living on the streets. On May 5th, Quinton Cruse, 58, was sitting with his girlfriend by a bridge in downtown Roanoke, Virginia. Since 2009 when his marriage ended, Quinton had either been living on the streets or incarcerated and it had been years since he last saw any of his family. What he didn’t know was that at that moment his estranged sister, niece, and daughter were on their way to Roanoke to find him.

Quinton’s daughter, Sierra Agurs, 34, had been looking for him for years and recent news coverage of the homelessness problem in downtown Roanoke led to the realization that he was living there, not far from several of Quinton’s relatives in the D.C. area. So on May 5th, Sierra traveled to Roanoke with her cousin Yolanda Cruse and her aunt, Quinton’s sister, Bernita Hargrove.

The three women had just pulled into the area when they spotted Quinton stepping out of a legal services office. Yolanda was the first to speak. It took a few moments for Quinton to realize how he recognized her and then they embraced. Next, Sierra, who had never actually met her father in person, stepped forward and hugged him for the first time. The long-lost family shared some stories about Quinton’s large family that was living in Alexandria and they shared a meal at a nearby restaurant. After the meal, they said their goodbyes and made plans for Quinton to come to Alexandria in a few days to begin a new life with his family.