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When you’re a new mom, your baby’s first year of life can certainly be challenging, and there’s no doubt many moms worry about their newborns a lot. Just how much? Well, a new survey reveals just that.

According to SWNS Digital and a new poll by CeraVe finds:

  • The average new mom worries about their baby six times a day, which translates to 2,153 times within the first year.
  • As for why they are so worried, 62% say it’s because they are either often or aways considering how their decisions will affect their babies in the future.
  • All this worry translates to the average parent spending over 1,600 hours holding their newborn in their first year.
  • Plus, they suffer 77 nights without sleep, call their own parents 56 times and consult with medical experts 67 times during year one.
  • Parents also turn to the Internet for answers.
  • In fact, new parents search Google about their baby over 2,000 times a year, or six searches a day.
  • Top Google searches include:
    • How to take care of skin conditions (43%)
    • Feeding related questions (40%)
    • Why is baby crying (38%)
    • Why baby isn’t sleeping (37%)
  • And while some parents think they are prepared for a new baby, 38% admit they were surprised by how many things they did not know.
  • 71% say they wouldn’t have survived year one without the help of parenting experts.

Source: SWNS Digital

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