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A new Adidas and Gucci collaboration is launching next month and while it’s full of high-end fashions and accessories, one item is getting most of the attention. Ahead of the collection’s June 7th release, the surprising thing stealing the spotlight is … a $1290 umbrella. And according to Insider it’s not even waterproof.

Yes, among the collab’s retro-looking tracksuits, purses, golf bags and shoes is an umbrella that won’t keep you dry in the rain and it’s become one of the most-talked about items. The product details on Gucci’s website explain, “Please note, this item is not waterproof and is meant for sun protection or decorative use.”

The nearly $13-hundred sun umbrella features a G-shaped handle and a print design combining the logos of Gucci and Adidas. And while some are calling out the sun umbrella for being very pricey and not entirely functional, a customer service rep from Gucci tells Beijing magazine “Caijing” that it has “good collector’s value and is suitable for use as a daily accessory.”

Source: Insider

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