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Typically when someone stops a wedding halfway through the ceremony, something bad is happening. But one bride pressed pause on her own nuptials, not because she was calling it off or having second thoughts, but because of a wardrobe malfunction of sorts. Now according to the NY Post the bride Becky Jefferies, is going viral for her unique experience at the altar.

In a TikTok video with nearly 29-million views, she’s seen standing in her wedding dress, holding her flowers next to her groom, but just as the officiant asks the couple to take their vows, she asks for a break. “Um, pause for a moment,” Becky says in the clip. She takes the mic and very calmly says, “I just realized when I got up to the end of the aisle that I’m missing half of my dress. Maybe I could put it on now?”

As the wedding guests laugh and clap, the bride waits for someone to bring her large, billowing skirt and train down the aisle. She reveals that a few nights before, she had a dream where she did this exact thing and jokes, “I’m sure you guys have never been to a wedding like this before.” And just as quickly as she stopped the wedding, her skirt is attached, and the ceremony then continues. TikTok viewers took to the comments section to praise the way Becky handled the fashion faux pas:

“I LOVE that she didn’t apologize,” writes one. “It’s her day, and she confidently took control of the moment.”

“You can see the groom visibly sighing with relief,” teases another.

“She is so sweet and not a drama queen at all,” comments a third.

Source: NY Post

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