Bangkok, Thailand - February 1, 2022: A mobile user playing Wordle, a popular word game.

Attention foodies!! There’s a new word game just for you! Phoodle is a food-inspired Wordle-type word guessing game.

Food and Wine says the game was created by cookbook author Julie Loria. In addition to the game, it also comes with food fun facts and tips and a surprise weekly recipe, all related to the Phoodle word of the day.

This new game comes after the releases of other Wordle-inspired games. Heardle is a music version, where you have 6 chances to guess the song of the day from just the first couple seconds of the beginning of the song. Similarly, Worldle is a geography version that allows users to guess a single country based on its outline on the map.

Quordle allows users to try to guess four words all at the same time! I did just try this one and it is quite difficult. See if you can do it at

Another one is BRDL, where you guess a different bird each day.

Go to to try.

Do you consider yourself a foodie? What kind of Wordle-type game would you like to invent?

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