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Slice bananas

There is never a lack of interesting hacks on Tik Tok. Many people, including myself find themselves on food Tik Tok. I’ve found a couple great recipes on Tik Tok that I use all the time now.

The latest food hack to take over Tik Tok involves bacon. No, not real bacon, but banana peel bacon. If you’re confused… so was I.

In a now viral Tik Tok video, personal chef, Charles Hunter III shares the vegan recipe. It involves raw banana peels that have been marinated in a vegan Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, garlic, onion powder, and other common barbecue-adjacent seasonings. You then pan sear the banana peels until they are crispy and there you have it… vegan bacon.

I’ve tried some vegan bacon recipes before and I’ve never been too impressed, but this one is rather intriguing to me. First of all, I never knew that you could even eat banana peels if I’m being honest. It does seem like quite a bit of work to make, but I would definitely give this a try! What about you?