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Dating before marriage

I am on the “older” end of millennials, and I guess I’m kinda old school, but there is a new trend among millennials that I’m not sure I could personally get down with, but hey, to each their own!

According to New York Post, millennial couples are figuring out they don’t need to get married to operate like they’re married. In fact, the notion has them thinking, “what’s the point?”

  • 9% of homebuyers in 2021 were unmarried couples
  • In 2022, 42% of singles said they want their next relationship to be their last, but when asked, “Are you ready to settle down and get married right now?” 31% responded, “no way.”
  • 48% of OkCupid daters said they would consider having a child with a partner without being married.

Additionally, here’s a list of things millennial couples tend to do… all without a marriage license.

  • own pets together
  • have kids together
  • share expenses and bills
  • share a mortgage
  • buy stocks together
  • have joint savings accounts

Millennials shared their reasons for remaining unmarried to the “New York Post.”

“We saw [some of our friends] get married, and they quit trying because marriage felt like it was a guarantee that you’re going to be there. We hated that,” she said. “The biggest reason that we never got married is because I was really afraid of him not being in my life permanently.”

“The last thing I want is to be the center of attention and spend all this money on one big night. I want my money to go into my house.”

Source: New York Post

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