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It’s a good start to the weekend for Lari Meza. Lari is a Kiss 95.1  listener who is from Charlotte, and she just snagged herself $500 playing Kiss Your Bills Goodbye.

Lari won the cash prize yesterday while listening in the afternoons with Fenway.

We all know inflation is crazy right now, and nothing it cheap, so we’re trying to help out our Kiss 95.1 listeners and Kiss those bills goodbye!

You have 7 chances every weekday to win $500 with us. All you have to do is listen at 8am, 10a, noon, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm, and 8pm. At those times, we’ll give you a special key word. When you hear that keyword, you’ll have 15 minutes to enter it by texting the word to 45911. You can also enter the word online, and on our app for your chance to bein the running for our 10,000 national grand prize!

Congrats to Lari for winning this time! Maybe you could be next!