Recently, the oldest person in the world, a Japanese woman named Kane Tanaka passed away at age 119. Now, after her death, at age 118, French nun Sister André is the world’s oldest woman. So, CNN needed to know what she does to live a happy and long-lasting life. What are her secrets to longevity?

In a recent interview, EatThis says she told interviewers that she has spent most of her life helping others. Born in 1904, Sister André began her life of serving others during WWII when she spent time working with orphans and the elderly at a hospital. She did this for 30 years before becoming a nun with the Catholic church. She said, “People say that work kills, for me work kept me alive, I kept working until I was 108. People should help each other and love each other instead of hating. If we shared all that, things would be a lot better.”

In an interview with CNN, a nursing home resident revealed André’s favorite treats. Apparently, Sister André loves eating chocolate and having a glass of wine every day!

Things are obviously working well for Sister André. She even recently recovered from Covid-19.

What is something you think will help you live a long life? Are there any indulgences that you think are good for your health?

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