(Photo: Getty Images)

Children are a blessing, but grandchildren might be even better. According to the Charlotte Observer, a Midlands, South Carolina woman is now a lottery winner thanks in part to her grandchildren.

The grandmother, who has chosen to remain anonymous, told South Carolina Education Lottery officials that she has been using her grandchildren’s ages for some of her picks this year. She bought a ticket at a Circle K store in Columbia with the numbers 2, 4, 13, 16 and 21, along with a Power-Up, for the Palmetto Cash 5 drawing on Tuesday, March 29.

A couple of weeks later, the woman scanned the ticket at a store and the message read to “Claim at Lottery.” The prize was more than the $500 the retailer could pay her, but the woman didn’t know it was 600 times more until she brought her ticket to the claims center. Her jackpot ended up being $300,000.

The lucky grandma said that winning was “very surprising and exciting,” and that she was going to save her windfall. What, no vacation for the grandkids?