The cheesecake ice cream with strawberries and cookie dough is great! You can make whatever strawberry combination you like at this ice cream establishment. This is a stock photo. Not from the establishment.

This is the best ice cream shop in North Carolina!

When you live in North Carolina, then chances are you appreciate the cool treat just a tad bit differently than you would if you lived someplace with no humidity and without a Carolina Summer. Nothing cools you off on a hot day than some ice cream. There are the chain shops like Dairy Queen, Brusters, and Coldstone Creamery that are delicious but there are also some mom and pop shops scattered around the state that serve up unique dishes and unique flavors.

We love it when other companies do the work for us and then we can skip right to the good stuff and know where the best of the best in North Carolina is! That’s exactly what Taste of Home did. They found the winners in each state.

Are you ready?

Sunni Sky’s Homemade Ice Cream in Angier! It’s a seasonal, cash-only ice cream stand.

Taste of Home had this to say about the local shop, “While most ice cream cools you down, two spicy scoops at Sunni Sky’s will heat you up. The fiery flavors (called “Exit Wound” and “Cold Sweat”) are created using habanero peppers and chiles marinated in hot sauce…then blended with ghost pepper sauce. It’s so intense, you have to sign a waiver to try a bite!”

Now you know we can’t talk about the North Carolina winner without bringing in the South Carolina winner as well!

Sweet Cream Company in Columbia, South Carolina took the crown for the best shop in South Carolina.

Taste of Home had this to say about the shop, “Cup or cone…or cookie? Go with the latter at this Southern sweet stop. Just think: a scoop of hand-churned ice cream pressed between two fresh homemade cookies. Yum! Pick from unique pairings like lemon with white chocolate lavender or chocolate chip pretzel with burnt caramel.”