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It can be hit or miss when you decide to live with a roommate. There are endless roommate horror stories out there ranging from roomies who never take out the trash to living with an actual psychopath. Then there are the roommates who are just straight-up toxic! After all, it’s your home too. You want to be able to call your living place a sanctuary. If your roommate checks any of these boxes from Elite Daily, they’re toxic and you should dump them once the lease is up!

  • They overreact to the smallest things
  • They’re controlling
  • They’re super needy
  • They bring out the worst in you
  • They’re passive-aggressive
  • They’re emotionally unstable
  • They don’t respect your boundaries
  • They’re unwilling to compromise
  • They can’t apologize
  • They stonewall you when issues arise but shutting you out