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Saturday will mark the three year anniversary of a very sad day in Charlotte. Around 5:40 pm on April 30th, 2019, UNCC student Trystan Terrell shot six UNC Charlotte students inside a classroom in the Kennedy Building.

I remember being at the radio station when the news broke, and everyone was just in awe. Gun violence has become so normalized in America, but it is always so shocking and terrifying when it happens to you directly.

Two students were killed in the tragic shooting; Riley Howell and Reed Parlier.

Three years later, UNC Charlotte will hold a Day of Remembrance on Friday, April 29th, to honor the lives of the fallen students.

As part of the list of events, a wreath will be laid in front of the Kennedy building today at 5:40pm. It will lay there until tomorrow, April 30th at 5:40pm.

It’s so hard to believe this tragedy was three years ago. It was definitely a wake up call for us all in Charlotte that gun violence could affect anyone, at any time. I remember seeing the pictures of both Riley Howell and Reed Parlier and thinking what incredible things that they could have gone on to do with their lives if it weren’t for such a meaningless act.

Our thoughts go out to the families of all the victims, and we rally together as a community to remember them this weekend.