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We get a lot of advice, some of it unsolicited and plenty of it useless. But every once in a while, someone passes along some wisdom that is genuinely helpful. A Reddit thread asks, “What is the weirdest advice you have heard that is strangely effective?” And while it might not be life-changing, these nuggets of knowledge may just help you out of a jam.

  • “A coworker told me that when someone has the hiccups you tell them ‘you’re not a fish.’ The amount of times this has worked has convinced me she’s a witch.”
  • “If you can’t fight the fear, do it scared. Got me through a lot of anxiety.”
  • “To improve your posture, pretend that you are shooting lasers out of your nipples and trying to shoot people in the head.”
  • “If you need to remember something, write it 3x or say it out loud 3x.”
  • “‘Make them tell you no.’ It’s great when you’re not sure if you should apply for a job, go for a promotion or a raise, or do something you’re afraid of. Don’t be so worried about getting told no or failing, you’ll surprise yourself.”
  • “Don’t give excuses unless they ask for it. For example, if you are late for work, just say that you are late. Not why you are late.”
  • “Fail quickly, as in: If your plan may not succeed, better to find out next week than next year. Helped me quit a suffocating job and dig into my own business 10/10”
  • “Don’t be cheap with things that hold you off the ground (shoes, beds and tires)”
  • “I tell myself my increased heart rate and racing thoughts are just signs that my body is priming itself to allow me to do something I didn’t know I could do. I used to think they were signs to quit, but they’re really an ignition sequence.”
  • “For a perfect high five look at the elbow of the other person. 100% of the time it’ll be a spot on high five”