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If reading isn't your thing, revisit one of your favorite TV shows again. There have been numerous studies/articles that have emerged since the pandemic that touch on how binging a show you've seen many times is a form of self-care and acts as a soothing force. So, never feel guilty for rewatching a series for the 12th time! You're just looking out for your well-being.

My boyfriend and I seem to always pull straws on who has to find something for us to watch. We both agree that being in control of the remote is the worst. Mainly because it’s so hard to find good stuff these days. We’ve watched tons of shows together; a few good, and many bad. It’s been a long time since we found a show that we were both totally obsessed with, but I think we may have just found it.

The other day, we started watching the show “Outer Range.”

I’ll be honest, when it was recommended to us by a friend, I was skeptical. Between it being set on a ranch, and having sci-fi involved, it didn’t sound like a show I would be interested in. Truly what convinced me to give it a try was the fact that Josh Brolin is the lead actor, and I love him.

So we watched one episode, then we watched another. Then another… I was hooked!

This show is just the right amount of drama so I’m intrigued. It has jus the right amount of sci-fi so I’m not too confused. So far, it hasn’t been totally predictable.

Needless to say, I’m hooked. The show has new episodes out every Friday on Prime Video.

If you struggle finding shows you like, I would urge you to give this one a try! I guess we’ll just have to fight over the remote for the rest of the week until a new episode comes out.