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Remember the good old days not so long ago when Airbnbs were cheaper than hotels? Booking a weekend getaway or ordering food in 2022 is more likely to put a deeper dent in your wallet now than it would’ve just a few years ago. The New York Post found that millennials are reminiscing about the services that were once so accessible that now seem like a luxury.

  • Airbnbs – $200 cleaning fees? We’ll pass.
  • Ride-Sharing Apps – In the early days, it used to feel like you had your own personal driver all for the price of $10. Now, you’re paying prices for legit personal drivers. And don’t get us started on surges!
  • Food Delivery Apps – You’ll end up paying more in delivery fees, service fees, and tips than you would pay for the actual meal.
  • MoviePass – For just $9.95 movie lovers could see unlimited movies in the theaters… until they capped it at just three movies per month and then ultimately shut down in 2019.
  • Brazilian Blowouts – It wasn’t uncommon for a woman to get her hair blown out every weekend for around $30. Now? The price has nearly doubled.
  • Mani/Pedis – The same goes for a manicure or pedicure which used to be considered “regular maintenance.”

Peter Boatwright, a professor of marketing at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business says the price increase of these services was pretty much inevitable. “It’s more expensive to acquire customers than retain them. These early startups are going to spend big on customer acquisitions in hopes that retention costs would be a lot lower in the long run.” Inflation doesn’t help either.

Source: New York Post

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