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Red Bull conducted a rather scary  plane swap experiment this past weekend. The stunt involved a pair of pilots who attempted to skydive into each other’s planes, MID-FLIGHT!

While one pilot was successful, and was able to get in the other plane, and land it safely, the other pilot did not have as good of luck. One of the two planes spun out of control and drifted to the ground, so the other pilot was not able to make it inside. Neither of the pilots were harmed, but the risky stunt is now under investigation.

The Federal Aviation Administration told NBC News it did not sanction the stunt, and they have now launched a full investigation. the penalties of the investigation could be pretty high. The pilots cold be grounded, have to pay fines, and even lose their license.

This stunt is so crazy dangerous. I can’t believe the one pilot was even able to make it in the other plane. Regardless, we can’t just have unmanned planes falling from the sky for a cool stunt.