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There are tons of personality tests out there to shed light on everything from what kind of lover you are to how you make decisions in your life. But have you ever heard of the Difficult Person Test?

The Difficult Person Test reveals exactly what you think it does – how difficult a person is to get along with. However, the researchers behind the test don’t like to label someone as straight-up “difficult.” Instead, test-takers will land somewhere on the spectrum between antagonism and agreeableness. The Difficult Person Test measures seven traits:

  • Callousness. Those who are callous are insensitive and make others feel unsafe and defensive.
  • Grandiosity. Bragging, being dismissive of others, and feeling above the rules are examples of grandiosity and are associated with narcissism.
  • Aggressiveness. Those who are aggressive don’t really know the meaning of peace and harmony.
  • Suspicion. Without any type of evidence, some people still tend to jump to extreme conclusions.
  • Manipulativeness. If manipulation is often used to deceive or pressure someone into doing something, it can be problematic.
  • Dominance. Someone who is extremely dominant can learn towards “extreme antagonism” which can make them difficult to get along with.
  • Risk-taking. Some risk-takers might not consider how the consequences of their risky actions can affect those around them.

The entire show is taking this test and we’ll talk about how difficult we are Thursday morning, make sure you tune in! If you’d like to get in on the fun, you can take the test for yourself here! If you’d like to get your predictions in on which MRL show member is the most difficult, feel free to tweet us @theMRLshow!