Even fast food is not immune to cost increases. With the bird flu, supply chain issues, and inflation, food prices for fast food restaurants have gone up…and some fast food consumers recently took to Reddit to share what they believe are the most overpriced chains.

Topping the list is Pizza Hut. One Redditor commented that the chain is “…so overrated. You can find better pizza at any local pizza place here.” Even despite the prices, the company also struggles to win customers over with their food quality. A different Reddit user said, “That sure makes it hard to pick Pizza Hut over Dominos when you can carry-out a large 3 topping from Dominos for $7.99. Pizza Hut charges $10.99 for a large 1 topping.” Do you agree?

Other restaurants mentioned as overpriced chains are Five Guys, Sonic Drive-In, and Shake Shack. Eat This says some customers get a burger, fries, and a drink for almost $20 at their local Five Guys. Compared to other local burger places, this seems like far too much.

Eat This says many people compare Sonic’s prices with McDonald’s and Wendy’s who offer certain items on value menus. Compared to this, Sonic’s food combos seem to be too expensive for the portion you receive, and some people are not happy about it.

And Shake Shack is even more expensive than Five Guys. Their prices are so high because they carefully select their ingredients from farms with no pesticides or hormones used. Plus, with inflation, people can pay up to $26 for two burgers and two drinks.

Do you agree that certain fast food places are overpriced? Does a higher cost ever mean better quality when it comes to fast food?

Source: Eat This

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