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The phrase “look good, feel good” holds some serious truth. According to Pop Sci and research, clothes can make us feel more “competent, authoritative, and even more trustworthy.” Our clothes also determine what other people think of us.

“Fashion is our second skin. It enables us to construct and express our identity,” says Carolyn Mair, a behavioral psychologist. “As well as being functional and protective, clothing is the vehicle by which we promote ourselves to others.”

  • Decide who you want to be at work in three words and edit your clothes to reflect that. Polished, confident, powerful, sophisticated, modern, effortless…etc.

And while you may think that it doesn’t matter what you wear to work because you work from home, it actually matters more.

  • It’s way too easy to blur work-life with home-life when you work remotely.
  • One way to separate the two is with your wardrobe! This is why it’s important to wake up and switch out of your PJs before working. And when you’re done for the day, you should change again.

Source: Pop Sci

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