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CAMP PENDLETON, CA - JULY 27: U.S. Marines and sailors of the 1MEF (1st Marine Expeditionary Force) salute the flag prior to the arrival of U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney during a campaign stop July 27, 2004 in Camp Pendleton, California. Vice President Cheney is on a campaign tour of California as the Democrats hold their convention in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

An Arizona couple runs a nonprofit to comfort Marines with free hugs. According to KYMA, John and Angie Noveras started Lowcrawl Hugs to support Marines at every stage of their Marine Corps journey.

A former Marine, John had vivid memories of doing the low crawl while in training early in his Marine career. When his son, Jarim, joined the Marines and was going through his recruit training, John got emotional hearing about how tough the low crawl exercise had been on him. Inspired by this, a few months later he and his wife started their nonprofit to spread love and show support to new Marines.

For the last year, John and Angie have been making the weekly trek to San Diego for Family Day, the day Marine recruits get to reunite with their loved ones after their 13 weeks of training just before their graduation. They’re present to support the young Marines, especially the Marines who don’t have any family there. They give out cupcakes and pizza and —of course— free hugs. “I think it’s super important to support all our men and women in the military,” John says. “These young men and women do sacrifice their lives. They go out in harm’s way to make sure we have the freedom we have when we are living our everyday lives.”

John and Angie hope to expand Lowcrawl Hugs in the future to offer support to different military branches.

Source: KYMA

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