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TikTok is full of all kinds of fashion trends, but one that we didn’t see coming is women turning their IUDs into necklaces. That’s right, some women are using their birth control devices to make jewelry. There are actually lots of videos on the social media platform of women opting to keep their IUD after it was removed and repurposing it to wear.

IUDs have to be replaced every few years and now it seems more women are asking their doctors if they can keep them as a souvenir.

The ladies involved have various reasons for holding onto their former contraceptives. Some of the videos say it makes them feel “empowered” and others, including Kait Smith, say they’re keeping their IUDs because there’s “a kind of sentimental value attached to it.” She explains, “I didn’t realize how much it meant to me until I had it out and I had to sort of reconcile with the fact that it wasn’t a part of me anymore.” Jorie Jaden is one of the women who turned her IUD into a necklace, but she didn’t keep it for herself, she gave it to her partner to wear. But it seems not all doctors will let people keep their IUDs after removal. Lindsey Risch says she wanted to take hers home to turn it into a necklace, but her doc didn’t allow it. “I WISH I had been able to keep it,” she says. “The doctor told me it was against policy at that facility to let someone take home ‘biohazardous waste.’”

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