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For a lot of people, where they sit on a plane is very important, which is why many are reluctant to give up their seat no matter the reason. Well, that was the case with one woman, and it’s sparked a big debate online.

A women recently explained on Mumsnet that she and her partner spent around $60 extra so they could secure a window and aisle seat together on a recent flight to Gran Canaria. While boarding, a woman came up and asked if they’d be willing to switch seats so she could sit with her daughter, who was over the age of 10, explaining that the young girl had a fear of flying. The OP says they politely declined, only for the mother to snap back, “You’re adults, my daughter is scared of flying and is a minor.”

The woman explained in her post that they had paid extra because she “didn’t want the worry of not being sat with boyfriend as I also get a bit nervous on take off,” not that she really needed to justify it. The woman then asked if she was wrong not to move, adding, “surely if she was that bothered she could have paid like us,” and sparked quite a debate on the site.

What are your thoughts on this?