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If you still buy into the cliche “money doesn’t buy happiness,” you’re living in a fantasy. According to The Balance, data has proven time and time again that money may actually be capable of buying happiness.

A previous study from 2010 found that an income up to $75,000 was right around the amount of money that correlated to emotional well-being. However, newer studies suggest that this number has gone up as the cost of living goes up.

A 2018 global sampling of 1.7 million people found that this salary number is closer to $95,000 these days. It’s important to note that this income varies depending on other factors as well including where you live and the local cost of living there.

Keep in mind that while money does correlate to happiness, it isn’t the end-all-be-all. Other factors such as personal relationships, health, and safety also contribute to personal happiness.

Source: The Balance

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