A trip to North Carolina was a very good choice for one Virginia man. While on a trip to High Point, North Carolina a man by the name of William Blair of Lynchburg, Virginia tried his luck on a $10 scratch-off ticket.

He was on the way to visit some family and friends when he stopped at the Superior Foods on North Centennial Street in High Point. According to North Carolina Lottery.com, Blair won $1 million on a ticket featuring the 50X The Cash game.

“I was at a loss for words. My brother thought I was full of it! I kept the ticket with me in my sleep.” Blair said. “I’m still processing.” When he arrived at lottery headquarters Monday to collect his prize, Blair could choose to receive the prize as an annuity of $50,000 over 20 years or a lump sum of $600,000. He chose the lump-sum amount of $600,000 and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, took home $426,063. Blair plans to save money for retirement and “spoil” his niece with his winnings.

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