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Netflix is coming out with a new series, and it’s all about road rage! Called “Beef,” Steven Yeun and Ali Wong star in it. The two become so obsessed over a road rage incident that it consumes their daily lives. We don’t know too many details just yet, but we know that there will be 10 episodes.

Both Yeun and Wong will be executive producers. The showrunner will be Lee Sung Jin, who you may know as a writer for “2 Broke Girls.” Lee teased the show in a Netflix press release, joking, “I’m also grateful to the guy who yelled at me in traffic three years ago. I did not let it go, and now we have a show.”

Alongside Yeun and Wong, Young Mazino of “Blindspot,” Joseph Lee of “Miracle That We Met,” David Choe of “The Mandalorian” and Patti Yasutake of “Star Trek: First Contact” are all set to be series regulars. We don’t know just yet which roles they’ll be playing. Guest stars include Ashley Park of “Emily in Paris,” Justin H. Min of “The Umbrella Academy,” Maria Bello of “NCIS,” Andrew Santino of “This Is Us,” Mia Serafino of “iCarly,” newcomer Remy Holt, and rapper Rekstizzy.

Ione Skye will also have a guest-starring role in the series, and we don’t know the exact details of what role she’ll be playing, but we have a glimpse. Sources are spilling that Skye will be playing a mystery woman whose presence alone haunts one of the lead characters.