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As people are leaving their home offices for their office offices, and according to HR Morningit might be time for a little refresher on office etiquette 101. Spoiler alert: You can’t wear your slippers anymore, sorry!

Recognize personal space. You probably won’t be going around hugging or high-fiving your co-workers anymore. People have grown to appreciate their personal space since the pandemic.

Dress Appropriately. Working from home gave the “relaxed” dress code a whole new meaning with many of us working from our pajamas. That probably won’t cut it at the office.

Be clean. Maybe you didn’t mind working with trash overflowing your workspace at home but you’re now working in a shared workspace at the office. This also applies to the break room as well!

Lastly, as points out remember the “headphone rule.” If you see someone wearing headphones, do not approach them! This means they’re zoned in and they don’t want to be disturbed… whether they’re playing music out of them or not.

Source: HR Morning

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