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Did you have an epic crush on someone in high school, but thought they were way out of your league and you’d never actually get to date them? Now that you’re way past the teenage years and all the raging hormones, shaky self-esteem and peer pressure, you may realize that you’re actually a catch who has a lot to offer that old school crush.

So if you’re still interested in taking a chance with that person you thought was unattainable when you were 16, here are some reasons you may want to go for it:

  • They’re vetted – You already know so much about this person, like where they grew up, the friends they had, how they treat people and you might even know their family. You’d never learn this much about a Tinder match, even with a private detective doing the digging.
  • You have a shared history – Even if you barely spoke to this person, you still have things in common from going to the same school. And that can give you a lot to reconnect with them about.
  • It’s got to be better than some ways of meeting people – We’re talking blind dates and speed dating, which can be a lot of work with very little payoff.

How to actually date your high school crush:

  • First, find them – This should be as easy with your Googling skills and social media. The hard part comes after you reconnect in real life.
  • Manage your expectations – You may meet up and find out that your crush isn’t as amazing as you once believed, or don’t likethe way they look or act now. Or you may still think they’re pretty great, but there are no sparks. And that’s all okay.
  • Recognize you may be more into the idea of dating them than the reality – Now that you’re both adults, your values, life circumstances or even senses of humor may not be aligned to make a love connection. But meeting up will give you the chance to find out and help you let go of that “what if” you’ve been holding on to since high school.

Source: Lifehacker

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