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On October 5th, 2013 two Morocco teens were arrested for posting a picture of themselves kissing on Facebook. Wow! The teens, a fifteen year old and fourteen year old, were taken into custody for violating public decency after a newspaper printed the photo. This is wild.

The latest TikTok trend to go viral involves people kissing their best friends and filming their reactions. According to USA Today, the hashtag #kissingmybestfriend has more than one billion views. The goal of the trend is to “test out the waters” and see if there’s a spark there when the kiss happens.

Those who are taking part in the challenge (and anyone else who wants to romantically pursue a friend) need to consider:

Will the physical spark/intimacy be there?

What if we break up and ruin the friendship?

Does this person know too much about me?

How will our other friends feel about us dating?

More obviously, this challenge raises the concern of, “is this even consensual?” Keep in mind that most things on TikTok are rehearsed. If you’re feeling like there could be something more between you and a friend, try having a conversation with them first.

Source: USA Today

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