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Does 2020 feel nostalgic for you yet? It’s been two years since the pandemic turned our lives upside down although it feels like a lifetime ago. Here’s a look back at what we were all obsessing over and doing during those “unprecedented times”.


  • Drive-By-Celebrations – especially for college or high school graduates
  • Baking bread – which led to a flour shortage
  • Tiger King – 64 million households tuned in to season 1
  • Hand-washing tutorials – apparently, no one knew how to wash their hands
  • Those eerie photos of deserted places – Disney World, Times Square, Grand Central Station were completely empty!
  • Going on silly little walks – It was the highlight of a lot of people’s day
  • Disinfecting all products and packages – Scientists later confirmed that this step was unnecessary
  • Lastly, that terrible video of celebrities singing “Imagine” during the first lockdown.

Ah, nothing like good old Covid memories. This list is nostalgic.