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Once people discovered the beauty of working from home, many said, “why would we ever go back?” As companies are telling their employees to return back to the office, there’s been some expected pushback, but it’s not from who you’d expect.

A recent study from “The Wall Street Journal” shows that 74% of introverts want to return to in-office work. Meanwhile, 82% of extroverts would actually prefer a hybrid work model.

As one introverted employee noted: “At the end of the day, I want to be home by myself, but it doesn’t mean you can’t crave other people’s company.”

The truth is that introverts do appreciate and even depend a little bit on social interaction. They aren’t the type to necessarily go to a bar for it but pre-pandemic they were content with getting enough of it at work.

John Hackston, head of thought leadership at Myers-Briggs and an introvert himself, says he is now going into the office one day a week. Just to get his needed dose of social interaction. ​​

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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