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Most Dog Owners Insist They Can Read Their Pet’s Mind. Many dog owners feel closer to their furbabies than they do with most humans, and a new survey reveals just how connected they are to their four-legged friends.

A new poll finds:

  • 74% of dog owners insist they can read their dog’s mind, and understand what they want at any given time.
  • 71% insist their dogs also understand them.
  • The average dog owner says it took about six months for them to make such a bond, doing it by:
    • Playing ball/fetch (50%)
    • Taking them on walks (48%)
  • Dogs and their owners are so in tune with one another that 70% of owners say they have the same personalities.

So, what are some of the most common dog personalities? They include:

    • “The Guardian,” protective, imposing, attached.
    • “The Family Dog,” easy to get along with, great with children, gentle.
    • “The Class Clown,” goofy, entertaining, clumsy.
    • The Dedicated Worker” reliable, obedient, high-energy.
    • “The WatchDog,” vigilant, alert, barks a lot.
    • “The Independent Thinker,” intelligent, inquisitive, likes to do things on their own.
    • “Social Butterfly,” high-energy, loves attention, outgoing.
  • And regardless of the personality type, most dog owners describe their pets in the most positive ways.
  • Top descriptions include:
    • Loving (35%)
    • Playful (33%)
    • Intelligent (32%)
    • Loyal (32%)
    • Protective (31%)
    • Gentle (30%)
    • Affectionate (30%)
    • Obedient (29%)
    • Brave (29%)
    • High-energy (29%)

Are you one of those people who can read their pet’s mind.

Source: SWNS Digital