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Demand for flights is booming in spite of rising ticket prices and staff shortages.

That’s why airlines are adding staff and cutting flights from the schedule to keep up. Marketwatch reports that JetBlue already canceled 300 flights over the weekend and plans more reductions in May.

Some, like American Airlines, say they’re prepared for summer after hiring new staff for months. It all comes as there are more bookings these days than airlines expected. That, along with high fuel prices, has been pushing ticket prices higher.

Just a heads up, though, that summer flight schedules haven’t been completed by airlines yet so prepare to be flexible.

Some Tik Tok user Kat Kamalani works as a flight attendant, and when spending so much time on planes, she has learned a few hacks to make your experience better. I’m so thankful for TikTok for helping me figure out some amazing hacks over the last 2 years.

I will definitely be using some of these hacks for my flight scheduled in late March. I’m hoping it will make the experience a little better than normal.

If you have a flight planned this summer, check out these hacks before you get onboard:

Not going to lie, I have never thought about the command hook one, and I definitely want to use that next time I’m on a plane. I also had no idea that the arm rest raised, and that is a total game CHANGER!