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Earn $100 an hour binge-watching true crime? I don’t think I’ve ever read a more perfect job descriptions for me.

Documentary streaming service MagellanTV is bringing back this amazing opportunity for the third year in a row. They are choosing one lucky person to get paid $100 per hour to watch a true crime marathon.

The winner will have 48 hours to complete the true crime marathon, and could earn upwards of $2,400 if they can last. There are 32 films included in the marathon, that cover everything from murders, disappearances, and even internet scams.

MagellanTV is asking their chosen winner to document their true crime binge on social media, because why not?! Applications for the dream opportunity are due by April 18th. If you don’t win the paid true crime opportunity, you could still luck out though. MagellanTV are offering 100 runners-up a one year free membership. That way you can still binge all the true crime you want for a year.

What a brilliant idea. I’m definitely applying cause this is pretty much how I spend my free time anyway, so if I could get paid for it… that would be amazing.