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Plenty of things can go wrong when you’re planning a wedding, but finding out your fiancé is still married? That’s not the wedding planning snag one bride-to-be was expecting, but that’s the news she was recently hit with. And making it even tougher? She didn’t find out until after booking her upcoming summer wedding.

In a post to Mumsnet, the woman writes that after she made the plans for their July nuptials, her fiancé’s children told their mom. And she’s the one who kindly pointed out that they never got divorced after splitting 12 years ago! So now the groom is trying to get the divorce taken care of before he’s set to wed his new bride, but it’s taking longer than expected. And this leaves the bride-to-be upset and the couple at risk of losing nearly $40-thousand in wedding costs.

Making the whole situation worse? The groom isn’t being very supportive of his bride’s feelings in all this. “I’m gutted,” she writes, adding that her fiancé commented about her being on his case to get the divorce done and complained that he’ll lose nearly $40-thousand, but not mentioning anything about wanting to marry her. So she’s hurt and crying and he’s just angry, and all of this while they’re just months away from their wedding day. She writes that she’s thinking of canceling the wedding and some Mumsnet users suggest that might not be the worst idea:

  • “He’s lazy, nasty and insensitive and I’d cancel the wedding and not even consider rearranging until he grows up,” writes one.
  • “I’m sorry but I don’t think he wants to marry you,” comments another. “He ‘forgot’ that he was still married? Rubbish.”
  • “In life, people tell and show us who they are- it’s down to us to believe it,” a third writes. “Honestly, this is a blessing. He doesn’t sound like a nice person, forget canceling the wedding, CANCEL THE RELATIONSHIP!”

Source: Mumsnet