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Bathing suit season can give any gal nightmares, and after seeing the latest garment being passed off as a swimsuit, it would be completely justified.

According to New York Post, social media has been left shocked by a new bathing suit being sold by Chinese fashion company Shein. The “SXY Rhinestone Studded One-Piece Swimsuit” basically has a regular top with super thin strip of nylon over the belly, with just enough material to barely cover a gal’s naughty bits.

  • While the company describes the barely-there one-piece, which sells for $12, as “sexy,” folks online have some definite thoughts, and most are not positive.
    • “Excuse me it’s a what now???,” one person commented. “It’s a wedgie you pay for.”
    • Another added, “This is not normal.”
    • “Does she have it on backwards?,” another commented. “Do real women actually wear this.”
  • Many simply couldn’t wrap their head around the suit at all.
    • “Is this a for real ‘bathing suit’?,” one asked. “Where do your lady bits go? I just don’t understand fashion I guess.”
    • “Me and my coochie could never,” noted one gal, while another asked, “But where would my flaps go?”
  • But there are actually people interested in the skimpy suit.
    • “I am so damn confident after my front butt surgery, I ordered this!,” one gal commented. “I can’t WAIT for it to get here!!”

Source: New York Post

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