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Don't get your panties in a twist. Today is National underwear day! National Underwear Day was originally created by the brand Freshpair in 2003, as a campaign promoting a positive body image.

Among the TikTok videos showing the latest dance craze, makeup hacks and recipes, some users are sharing their own wellness and fitness tips, but in a way that celebrates bodies in all shapes and sizes. We don’t often think of TikTok as empowering, but this new body positive trend actually is.

It’s the “sharing my actual weight” trend and it shows how different body types carry the same amount of weight differently.

Women are honestly revealing their exact weight and body type and reminding viewers that the number on the scale doesn’t define them. Several videos captioned, “Sharing my *actual weight in order to normalize being over 200 pounds,” feature women getting real about their weight and height and how it looks on their figure. And the response is overwhelmingly positive, with many users saying they feel seen in the bodies represented. One clip from TikToker angelicaglowsup reveals what 250-pounds looks like on her and she thanks other users for helping her “be brave,” admitting it’s the first time she’s ever shared her weight online.

The comments section is full of praise for her honesty:

  • “I was having a hard time this morning because of how I looked,” writes one user. “But you’re so beautiful and have the same body type as me and it made me feel so much.”
  • Another comments, “These videos and all these gorgeous 200+ women make me feel so much more accepting of my weight.”
  • And another shares, “So refreshing to see my actual body type reflected on this app. Keep Rockin you gorgeous queen!”

This might be our favorite thing yet we’ve seen on TikTok!