Gwen Stefani appears on the Ellen Degeneres show tomorrow, and Ellen’s Instagram posted a video of Gwen playing “Burning Questions.” She told her the nicknames she and her husband Blake Shelton have for each other.

Stefani played the red button-pushing game and revealed what the couple call each other. She offered, “Blakey and Pretty Girl. I didn’t make that up; he made that up.”

Gwen also addressed the weirdest rumor that has been out about her, saying, “Oh my gosh, they used to say I was a man all the time.” Ellen asks, “When?” She answers, “They think that there’s a man under the makeup.”

Stefani even did an impression of music and movie icon Julie Andrews, asking Ellen, “Do you know who that is? She’s from ‘The Sound Of Music,'” to which Ellen replied, “Of course. I am older than you.”

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani