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When your besties don’t live near you, video calls and phone dates are great, but after a while, you really want to get together in person. And if you’ve been apart for a long time, it’s a perfect time for that long-awaited girl’s trip.

You don’t want to stress about your finances getting in the way of having time with your best friends, so these tips for planning a budget-friendly trip with the girls can help.

  • Plan ahead – Schedule your trip as far in advance as possible to give you time to find the best deals without having to settle. If you can plan your trip during the off-season, even better because you might be able to negotiate rates.
  • Be honest about what you can spend – Before you decide on anything, get on the same page with your friends about your budget. Talking about money can be awkward, even with your besties, but being clear about spending expectations can prevent any issues and keep stress to a minimum.
  • Find a big house to share – Forget the posh hotel rooms and look for a large house on Airbnb or similar sites that you can all stay in. You’ll probably be able to score a place that’s cheaper than individual hotel rooms and has a kitchen, so you can save even more by cooking yourselves.
  • Make it a staycation – Your girl’s weekend can be even more affordable if one of you hosts the group at their home or vacation home.
  • Find inexpensive things to do – Look for free and cheap tourist traps for entertainment, take in the natural beauty of the area’s parks or take a hike in the great outdoors.
  • No matter what you do with your friends, you’re going to have fun – Whether you’re spending the weekend in a mountain cabin or lounging by the pool of your rental house, you’re going to be making memories and real connections with your girls. And that’s what it’s all about.

The last time I took a vacation like this was with my best friend in Los Angeles. We found a cheap Airbnb that actually ended up being somebody’s guest house behind their actual house. We walked everywhere instead of Ubering everywhere and we did things that didn’t require much money to do! Like hiking or exploring.