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PAYSON, UT - JULY 31: A Boy Scout salutes the American flag at camp Maple Dell on July 31, 2015 outside Payson, Utah. The Mormon Church is considering pulling out of its 102 year old relationship with the Boy Scouts after the Boy Scouts changed it's policy on allowing gay leaders in the organization. Over 99% of the Boy Scout troops in Utah are sponsored by the Mormon Church. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

There should be a badge made for travel ordeal that 12 boy scouts had to endure.

We’ve all had to deal with travel horror stories at some point. These 12 boy scouts learned at a young age, that traveling doesn’t always go as expected.

12 Pennsylvania Boy Scouts had quite the travel horror story while they were on their way to Florida. The boys were headed on a seven-day sailing, and coral reef exploration excursion in the Florida Keys. The boys were all traveling from Philadelphia, and unfortunately their original flight was cancelled.  They ended up finding a flight that had a layover in Charlotte, but because of delays, they missed their connecting flight.

This meant that the boys had to spend the night in the Charlotte airport. The bad news continued though. After deciding to cancel the trip, the first flight they could get back to Philly isn’t until Tuesday morning.

This definitely is not the lesson these boys were thinking they would learn on this trip, but it’s an important one regardless; travel is always unexpected. According to FOX 46, Scout Master Rob Langman, said, “I think it’s a learning experience for them that no matter what, you can still kind of get through things. But you have to keep a calm head,”

There is a small silver lining though. The company organizing the trip is working with them to reschedule their adventure for another time.